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Direct List (through its In Touch Today Real Estate Marketing Group) is a leading marketing service provider in the mortgage and real estate industry. We help real estate and mortgage professionals market through direct mail and email marketing as follows:

  • Marketing to Past Clients — Client retention is one of the best reasons to market. Before you spend a dime on marketing, you need to be sure you are marketing to your past clients. While it might seem like the best marketing plan is one that constantly recruits new clients, keep in mind that it costs 10 times more to acquire a new client than to keep the ones you have.
  • Marketing to New Contacts — We design a number of prospecting postcard series which are designed to catch the eye of your prospective clients, and call them to action. You can send them to a warm or cold farming list. Need a Mailing or Email List? We can create a customized list that is suited for your business.
  • Marketing for Professional Referrals — Are you looking to add value and increase your professional referral source contacts? Are you ready to recruit new professionals to your organization? Our Professional Postcards are a great way to keep in contact with your referral resources, add value to their business, and build your business.

In Touch Today Marketing Group

Our marketing and lead generation services are specifically designed and optimized for real estate and mortgage professionals.

  • Mortgage Professionals — We help Mortgage Loan Originators keep in touch with past clients, new prospects and professional referral sources. In Touch Today has developed dozens of different direct mail and email solutions designed to create top of mind awareness.
  • Real Estate Professionals — Our selection of direct mail and email products are also perfectly suited for Realtors to use to keep in touch with past clients, new prospects and professional referral sources. Products include newsletters, postcards, email blasts and of course, we can also manage and grow your database.

We offer a range of services for real estate and mortgage professionals. Our most popular services include:

Prospect Lists — The number one goal for most professionals is to grow their business – so that means finding new clients in addition to enjoying repeat and referral business. We have access to every major compiled database available. All lists are scrubbed against the DMA Do Not Solicit database.

Our Most Popular lists include:

  • Homeownership 5+ years in home
  • Renters under 5 Years in home
  • "FICO" like demographics to access the ability to qualify for new loan
  • Income demographics all levels
  • Children in home and Age of Children in home
  • Pulling a specific target apartment building geography to interest other apartment buildings to move
  • Interest rate
  • Home Mortgage value
  • Net worth
  • Lender type of loan
  • First, Second, Third Loans
  • New Homeowners by Publish date
  • New Movers by Publish date
  • 62+ Age of homeowner

Postcard Marketing — Mailing postcards is a cost-effective, proven method of marketing. There are several ways to successfully utilize mortgage marketing postcards. The first step would be to decide who you want to target with your marketing: is it past clients, prospects or professional referral sources?

Newsletter Marketing — In Touch Today has a wide variety of newsletters available to include in your marketing plan. Our newsletters can be mailed to your clients or prospects and include customizable articles in order to allow you to better target a niche or provide a more personalized message.

Email Marketing — An Email newsletter is a successful, budget-friendly mortgage marketing tool. In Touch Today can create and deliver a newsletter for you that your clients will appreciate. We also have a special Mortgage newsletter specifically tailored for you to send to professional referral sources.

Social Media — Social media is exactly what loan officers need to build relationships. In Touch Today can help you take advantage of Social Media by updating your Social Media sites daily with useful information that your clients will appreciate. Customized content and podcasting is also available.

Mailing Campaigns — Mailing campaigns are great for the busy professional. Simply provide your database and a card will be sent to your clients for arrival monthly or on holiday or special occasions. You are notified via email about the mailings so you can follow up with a personal phone call as well.

Greeting Cards — Greeting cards provide the ability to add a nice personal touch to your marketing plan and are an important part of your mortgage and real estate marketing materials. Cards can be sent for any number of reasons including holiday, birthdays, or any other life happenings.

Have our marketing professionals custom tailor a solution for you.

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