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The success or failure of every direct marketing campaign is reliant on the quality of the data that is used. This involves both analyzing your current data to ensure the best possible use as well as procuring targeted new data.

We are experts at identifying the right data list for you campaign at the best possible cost can manage and analyze your current and new data to make sure that you are maintaining the best possible database for customer generation. We specialize in providing:
  • B2B Mailing, Phone, and Email Data
  • Consumer Mailing, Phone, and Email Data
  • Residential Mailing Lists (Geographically Focused)

Who We Help

We have provided targeted data lists and data services to all types of businesses. Some of our typical clients include:

Professional Service Providers

  • Law Firms
  • Estate Planning
  • CPA Firms
  • Tax Preparers
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Brokers
  • Business Organizations
  • Corporate Travel & Gifting
  • Insurance for Medicare age based Groups
  • Specialty Automobile Insurance

Technology & Service Providers

  • Telecom Systems & Services Providers
  • Digital Marketing Providers
  • Software Consultants
  • Networking and Systems Consultants
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Direct Marketing Providers
  • Advertising & PR Firms

Financial & Real Estate

  • Corporate Lenders
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Financial Advisors
  • Real Estate Brokers and Managers
  • Homeowners and Neighborhood Associations
  • Recall or Class Action notifications
  • Franchisers

Education & Community

  • Executive MBA Programs
  • Trade Schools
  • Universities & Community Colleges
  • Churches & Synagogues
  • Shrines & Membership Organizations
  • Senior Citizens Groups
  • Candidates for Political Offices
  • Charitable Organizations

Retail & Specialty Services

  • Electricity, Gas Companies, Waste Management
  • High End Furniture Dealers
  • Air Quality Management Districts
  • Liquor Boards Notifications
  • Auto Dealers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Medical and Dental Offices

Our Lists

We’ve been in the data business since 1987. We maintain a database of over 16MM business executives and 30MM consumers that enables us to customize a list specifically for your business. Some of our most popular lists include:

Business Lists

  • CEO mailing & email addresses
  • Business owner mailing & email addresses
  • By revenue and/or number of employees
  • Company and executive phone numbers
  • Top small businesses
  • Women executives

Consumer & Residential Lists

  • By gender, geography, and/or age
  • By income or net worth
  • By marital status and or presence of children
  • Home ownership and/or value
  • Special interest lists (tennis, golf, etc.)
  • Ethnic surnames & speakers
  • Swimming pool owners
  • Mail order buyers

Our Data Services

Our expert team of data analysts can help you understand and utilize your customer database in new ways:
  • Profile Analysis — We will examine your customer database and overlay demographic information on each customer to determine the best look-alike prospects for your future marketing efforts.
  • Data Appending — We will take your existing data and fill in any fields you have missing. We can append phone numbers, emails, mailing address, or demographic such as income, age, net worth, etc. For B2B campaigns we can append company revenue, SIC codes, etc.
  • Database Services — We can help you keep your database up-to-date, verified, cost-effective and ready to use at your convenience. Services include:
  • Database Creation & Maintenance
  • Merge/Purge
  • Address Hygiene
  • Postal Coding
  • Data Entry
  • Advanced Mapping — We will map your customer base by ZIP code or radius from your business location(s), to visually identify target areas and prospects.


B2B Postal Data

C-Level Executives & Presidents:
$115/M (One-time) or $230/M (Multiple Use)
Senior Level (VP titles):
$95/M (One-time) or $190/M (Multiple Use)
Director / Manager Level:
$75/M (One-time) or $150/M (Multiple Use)
Business Address Only:
$45/M (One-time) or $90/M (Multiple Use)

B2B Email

C-Level Executives:
$150/M per first send & $115/M per addition send
Senior Level (VP titles):
$125/M per first send & $95/M per addition send
Director / Manager Level:
$100/M per first send & $75/M per addition send

B2B Selects (Additional Cost): SIC Code, Geography, Company Revenue, Number of Employees

Consumer Data

Residential Mailing Address:
Consumer Mailing Data:
$60/M (One-time) or $120/M (Multiple Use)
Consumer Emails:
$100/M per first send & $75/M per addition send

Consumer Email Selects (Additional Cost): zip codes, city and/or state, phone area codes, age, gender
Consumer Data Selects (Additional Cost): Age, Income bracket, Families with children, Children by age, Marital status, Homeownership, Renters, Dwelling types, Credit card information, Length of residence, Gender, Female in household, Secondary name on file, Ethnic surname selectability & suppression

Consumer Bulk Email List Rental (by geography only)

Please contact us for orders above 1,000,000 contacts

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