Direct Mail Marketing

Targeted direct mail programs to reach your best customers

How We Help

The goal of any direct marketing campaign is to identify the right targets and contact them directly about your product of service. In order to achieve maximum list penetration, a number of different contact points are necessary.

Direct Mail can be an excellent way to penetrate a list of prospects as well to keep in touch with your current client with high value added content or purchase offers. We have been in the printing and mailing business since 1987 and are able to offer a turn-key mailing process as follows:
  • We will create a targeted list of potential clients based on geography and title.
  • We will help create a customer mailing piece for you.
  • We will handle all printing and mailing from our facility.

Who We Help

We have provided Direct Mail Marketing Solutions to all types of businesses. Some of our typical clients include:
  • Service Providers (Law Firms, CPA Firms, business consultants, etc.)
  • Financial Advisors (Insurance, wealth management, etc.)
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Executive MBA Programs
  • Business Brokers
  • Retail
  • Restaurants & Catering
  • Franchisors
  • Health & Beauty
  • Apparel
  • Home / Home Improvement
  • Automotive

Our Mailing Products

We have a number of direct mail products to help you reach your prospects and customers. These include:
  • Postcards — We can create a customized postcard for you. Some of the most popular are event invitations, purchase offers, and Company announcements.
  • Letters — Send a letter to clients or prospects. We will handle the entire printing, sorting, and mailing process for you.
  • Automated Mailing Programs — We take the hassle out of keeping in touch with clients by sending out the mailing of choice on the schedule of your choice.
  • Integrated Email / Direct Mail — Get maximum response by combining your mailing with email marketing to the same prospects.
  • PURL Program — Create a personalized URL for each mailing to track who is visiting your site and then follow-up with web visitors by email or phone.

Our Lists

We’ve been in the data business since 1987. We maintain a database of over 16MM business executives and 30MM consumers that enables us to customize a list specifically for your business. Some of our most popular lists include:

Business Lists

  • CEO mailing & email addresses
  • Business owner mailing & email addresses
  • By revenue and/or number of employees
  • Company and executive phone numbers
  • Top small businesses
  • Women executives

Consumer & Residential Lists

  • By gender, geography, and/or age
  • By income or net worth
  • By marital status and or presence of children
  • Resident Addresses (Mail Carrier / Saturation)
  • Special interest lists (tennis, golf, etc.)
  • Ethnic surnames & speakers
  • Swimming pool owners
  • Mail order buyers
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